A Real PURPOSE organizes international collaborations between traveling artists from the United States and local musicians in host countries.

Photo: Earl 'Chinna' Smith recording session- Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Musicians from A Real PURPOSE organize and travel to host countries. Through a series of recording sessions with local musicians, we perform and record classic songs and new collaborations. These collaborations are captured on audio and video. The goal is to produce and release these projects through multi-media resources whose sales profit generates school supplies for children of the host countries.


Bringing together 25 Nicaraguan musicians with our 5 traveling American musicians in a remote village in Nicaragua, A Real PURPOSE newest release NUSAM is a 15 track CD/ 45 minute DVD package.

Bringing awareness, through music and film, to the beauty and struggles of Peñas Blancas, Nicaragua and to support ArteSana Foundation in its continued community bases efforts for Peñas Blancas, a living cooperative located in the rainforest of north central Nicaragua.


Four musicians from A Real Purpose travelled to Jamaica, set up a recording studio and hosted 26 musicians during a week of creating and capturing new and old school reggae music.

This 16 song CD/ 90 minute performance film DVD package supports The Pineapple Place Basic School in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, a primary school for children 3-7.

The Africa Project

A Real Purpose brought together 34 musicians, 3 bands and 2 choirs on its first international collaboration effort supporting education.

This 17 song CD/ 12 video DVD package supports
G.I.V.E. creating scholarships for students in Ghana, West Africa and the Amajika Performing Arts N.C.D., Johannesburg, South Africa.